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'Hidden' Features

We regularly receive phone calls or emails from clients requesting new features or functionality... only to find out that we already have that functionality built-in -or- available as a custom add-on that we can tailor for your specific needs. If there are things you'd like to be able to do, don't hesitate to contact us at any time. Chances are, that functionality already exists. If it doesn't, we can build it or include it in future improvements to the system.


Time Zone Support Added

Calendar items and Events now include support for specifying the Time Zone where the event is taking place. This Time Zone is used by the 'Add to Calendar' button displayed on the Calendar details, or the final Registration 'thank you' screen. When an end user clicks the button, the start and end times are automatically adjusted for their local Time Zone when the item is added to their calendar. If you leave the Time Zone field blank, the system uses your default setting. You can set the default Time Zone for your organization within the Administrator Settings. If the default setting has not been set, the system assumes the 'America/Detroit' (Eastern) Time Zone.


Contacts Dashboard Improvements

The Contacts Dashboard report has recently been improved. We made the charts larger, the legends are easier to read and the printed output is ready for distribution. Legend labels are no longer truncated and aren't prefixed by the order rank number. Pie wedge percentages are now shown on the legend, so they are presented when printing the information. (Prior to this change, you had to hover over smaller wedges in order to see the percentages.) Each chart is printed on a separate page and the output may be printed in portrait or landscape (recommended) mode.


Contact Login History Counts by Year Added

When viewing a Contact record, we've added the ability to view login counts by year. Simply click the 'Show History' link next to the 'Login Count:' at the top right side of the Contact screen. The history shows login counts for each year 2013 and later, beginning with the first year that the Contact logged into the system. If the Contact record was created prior to 2013, it is possible that the total login count shown may exceed the sum of each individual year.


E-Bulletin Recipients Export Fields Enhanced

When viewing the recipients of an E-Bulletin, you can export a CSV file by clicking the 'Export Data' button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. We recently added basic Contact information fields to this export, so it is similar to the export found on the View E-Bulletin Stats screen.

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