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Find Duplicate Primary Addresses Report

Search results on the Contact Search screen now include a hyperlink to view Contacts that have more than one address flagged as a 'primary' address. You will see the hyperlink 'Contacts with Multiple Primary Addresses Found' just above the search results grid. Click that hyperlink to view a report of those Contacts. The report provides hyperlinks to each Contact record, so you can easily review and update the Contact records.


Contact Connections Display Update

When viewing a Contact who is connected to other Contact records, you may now toggle the grid display between showing the 'Relations' or the 'Categories' for each Contact. Simply click the 'Show Categories' or 'Show Relations' link within the 'Connections' section of the screen.


Debbie Webster

We are sad to report the loss of a dear friend and colleague, Debbie Webster. She recently passed after a long struggle with COVID-related illness. She was the Senior Director of Operations, Education and Member Support at PaymentsFirst, an ACH-advocating association and a client since 2004.

We will miss hearing Debbie's kind voice and her upbeat demeanor on the phone. She was always positive, pleasant and a true joy to work with. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends and the staff at PaymentsFirst.

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New, Faster Servers Installed

After months of preparations and testing, we have successfully migrated to the newest server technology available. Our servers are now running on the latest 12-core processors (we were on 4-core before). Both you and your members should notice a marked improvement in system performance. Last year, we were doing a demo of our system to a prospective client when they asked "Is this a small demo database...will our database run this quickly too?" We said "Yes, this is our live system. Not just a demo system." Apparently their then-current AMS system required them to wait 20-30 seconds just to access a single member record. Happy to report they are now a client and member searches are now faster than ever!


Mobile Interface Updated

If you haven't tried WebSuite2 access while on-the-go, using your mobile phone, you should give it a try. If offers a quick way to find members, call, email or get directions to their business. You can also quickly email a group of members using a saved search too. We recently updated the interface and with the ability to page through search results and a few search and navigation refinements. Be sure to check it out!

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